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Poly 74-45 liquid polyurethane rubber cures to a very tough, high-tear, high-elongation rubber. This product is ideal for high volume concrete and plaster casting and is a very popular option for casting decorative architectural concrete panels and accessories.Molds made from Poly 74-45 are also used for casting plaster wax (candles & lost wax varieties) and limited resins and foams (with the proper release agent).Poly 74-45 molds can be poured as supplied or brushed-on by mixing in RECS15 fiber for thickener or Silica fume. Poly 74-45 liquid rubber is an excellent multi-purpose, economical mold material that will provide long mold life, durability and consistent performance under repeated casting.

Determine volume of the
containment area:
(L” x W” x H”) = ________ in³
Determine volume of the model:
(L” x W” x H”) = ________ in³
Subtract the volume of the
model from the volume of the
containment area:
_________in³ - ________in³ =
Divide the result by 27 in³/lb.
(the specific volume of most Poly Liquid Rubber) to determine
how many pounds of Poly
Liquid Rubber are needed:
_________in³ ÷ 27 in³/lb. =
_________ lb. of Poly rubber

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