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Welcome to Trinic

Our Journey & Our Mission

Trinic was formed in 2010 born out of an idea that making amazing concrete shouldn’t be so complicated. We started out doing what everyone was doing, using liquid polymers, defoamers to counter the pinholes created by the liquid polymer, water reducer to increase the strength, wetting agents to get the pigments to disperse better, shrinkage reducers to battle curling, pozzolans to reduce efflorescence and increase strength ect… ect… it was simply too costly and time consuming, so we set out to find a better way. The first year we were in business we developed a single dose powdered admix that did the job of all the common additives. Once completed, we had our friends in the business try it and the feedback we received was astounding! The process was simplified, the strength was doubled and all the common problems were averted. Early in 2011 we began manufacturing and selling TEC-10 to the GFRC industry. From there we developed other powdered additives that far exceeded the performance of respected competitor’s products. Plasticisers, set accelerators and retarders were next, followed by a line of easy-to-use sealers and pozzolans that took high performance mixes to an even higher level. As time marched on Trinic became the go to source for admixes and premixed concrete solutions for larger producers and eventually gained approval for use in mix designs by PCI and the worlds largest manufacturers of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. We further invested in our business by building a state-of-the-art batch plant that allows us total quality control and the flexibility to make custom mixes based on your desires.

So, what does all this mean to you? Our goal, from the beginning and to this day, is to create a true partnership with our customers not only providing products but to be a source you can rely on to refine processes and implement business practices that result in a business that serves your desires and fulfills your dreams. Simply stated, our mission is to assist each customer in making their business exceed their expectations and their lives exceed their dreams.
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